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Storage Tanks

We can custom fabricate tanks for any requirements, ranging from storing liquid products, specialized storage units securing gas to flammable liquids.

Storage Tanks

Carbon steel tanks ,mild steel tanks, and stainless steel tanks

Cylindrical Type

The Cylindrical Type tanks are usually used to mix, store, and dispense reagents being used. They have a capacity graded in both gallons and liters. Moreover, they possess excellent temperature tolerance and high chemical resistance, so they can be used for various purposes.

If you want a Cylindrical Type storage metal tank with a cover outside that protects the inside material from chemicals, Punjammetals.LLC is the best choice for you!

We develop lightweight and budget-friendly carbon steel tanks, mild steel tanks, and stainless steel tanks in various sizes to accommodate varying volumes.


Horizontal Tanks

The majority of wine, dairy, and beverage dispensation industries use horizontal tanks as they are easy to use for maintaining temperature according to need.

Moreover, horizontally oriented storage tanks are also user-friendly when it comes to their transportation, as they need less number of workers to deal with them.

If you are looking for an economical but high-quality horizontal storage tank, Punjammetals.LLC can provide what you need. Our metal fabricators can manufacture carbon steel tanks, mild steel tanks, and stainless steel tanks in horizontal orientation with your preferred shape and design.


Pressure Tanks

The pressure tanks are the key elements of the Well system, in addition to the pressure switch, pump, and Well itself. They store water and then supply it to your home at the appropriate pressure.

Moreover, these metal tanks protect the pump as they hold the amount of water to meet your home’s needs before asking the Well pump to kick on.

So choose us to have a well-designed and durable pressure tank. Our carbon steel tanks, mild steel tanks, and stainless steel tanks are delivered around the UAE due to their lovely shape and unique design.

Diesel Tanks

The demand for diesel storage tanks is increasing day by day as they are used to store or dispense diesel. Moreover, farmers also prefer big equipment to keep a large quantity of diesel, so they can work more efficiently and save time.

If you are looking for well-designed carbon steel tanks, mild steel tanks, and stainless steel tanks, reach us!

We can provide you with both single and double wall configured Diesel tanks at economical rates. Moreover, we are proficient at supplying you with a vertical or horizontal on-road or off-road diesel storage tank per your requirements.


Fertilizer Tanks

Fertilizer tanks are put to use in the irrigation system. They contain pre-mixed fertilizers and water that result in a uniform nutrient solution. You should also use a fertilizer tank if you want uniform fertilizer application in your fields or greenhouses.

Punjammetals.LLC is a leading company in UAE that designs corrosion-free fertilizer tanks. You can reach us at affordable prices for strong and durable carbon steel, mild, and stainless steel tanks. Moreover, every tread on these tanks is properly welded from the inside out, and you won’t ever find this as a feature anywhere else.

Water Tank

Water tanks are installed to store rainwater as well as fresh water for residential and commercial applications. Additionally, they are frequently used for irrigation for agriculture and water filtration. Plastic water tanks are most common for water-related applications but also have certain drawbacks. Therefore, you should prefer a steel water tank.

If you want to install a steel water tank at your home or in the factory, get in touch with us. We proficiently design carbon steel tanks, mild steel tanks, and stainless steel tanks. These steel materials make them safe and strong to be used for water storing purposes as well as for transportation purposes.