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Fabrication Works

We offers superior quality fabrication works customized to meet your unique requirements. The following are few of our specialized works



Fencing is grafted to define boundaries around certain territories. They act as a barrier to reduce conflicts and upgrade security in parking areas like workplaces, retail centers, and shopping malls. Moreover, fencing is also used on roads to restrict people from operating vehicles at extremely high speeds.

If you are searching for stainless steel works suppliers in Sharjah, reach out to Punjammetals.LLC. It is a well-recognized corporation for providing cost-effective metal fabrication around UAE. We will design strong, durable, and high-quality fencing structures of customized sizes for you at an economical rate!



Skids are used to place kits of appliances like generators and compressors outward. They are a practical alternative for adding new electrical control and power infrastructure to existing buildings.

If you are in UAE and are browsing metal fabrication near me, Punjammetals.LLC is your place. You can get in touch with us for shipping skids, equipment skids, baseplates, and soleplates of any kind at affordable prices.

Our staff are well-equipped in metal fabrication. They set a level for various equipment like pumps, motors, generators, compressors, tanks, etc., in a user-friendly way.



Skips are open-topped containers for keeping waste substances that are then loaded onto a lorry. They are of different shapes but mostly contain either a single trapezium or two stacked trapezia.

If you want Skips for personal or commercial use, reach out to the Punjammetals.LLC. Our designers proficiently provide strong and durable skips with steel structural works. Moreover, we also facilitate our customers by offering a variety of shapes and sizes for skips, so they can easily choose the one according to their needs.


Safety Barrier

A safety barrier is a structure to restrict movement into any unsafe area. These barriers are of several types according to the requirements. For example, a fence structure can act as a safety barrier in an industrial setting. Similarly, to direct traffic in a particular lane, traffic barriers as safety barriers are employed in an automotive situation.

If you need any safety barriers, reach out to the Punjammetals.LLC. It is a leading company providing machining works in Sharjah. Our designers are competent enough to provide strong, supportive, and durable safety barriers according to the customer’s needs on time.


Bicycle Racks

People consider bicycle racks a secure way to park their cycles in public places. It allows them to use a U-lock to lock the frame and either one or both wheels. As a result, such a setting also enables them to enjoy inexpensive transportation in a healthy mode.

Bicycle racks are of several shapes, sizes, and designs. In addition, these racks also vary in the material from which they are manufactured.

Do you want bicycle racks to provide better parking for your employees or your customers? Contact Punjammetals.LLC. We perform metal fabrication and design bicycle racks in different layouts as per your needs. Besides, we guarantee to provide strong, durable, rusting, and bending-free bicycle racks at reasonable rates.



Adding benches with steel fabrication to workplaces, cafes, or even parks has positive outcomes. They offer arranged seating and comparatively more interaction.

Stop browsing steel fabrication near me; instead, reach out to Punjammetals.LLC. It is a prominent corporation providing a variety of benches in Sharjah for both industrial as well as commercial settings.

So let us know your favorite design, and we will design an environment-friendly steel bench with a modern appearance. Moreover, we can also make benches with customized heights and sizes, along with bench design.


Lifting Frame

Lifting frames are put into use to facilitate working at the construction site. As a result, moving, lifting, shifting, and placing the heavy equipment become slightly easier. These lifting frames come in a number of sizes, styles, and dimensions, so you can easily get the one of your preference.

If you are looking for someone who can provide you with a lifting frame with stainless steel work, ask Punjammetals.LLC. We promise that the lifting frame we designed would not only lighten the load during infrastructure projects but also increase client satisfaction and improve their safety.



The platform provides a significant storage space by enabling the unoccupied space above and below their structure into use. Consequently, they can fit flexibly into an industrial as well as manufacturing setting to work as a storage space and transporter system.

Steel platforms are a good means of saving costs when you need additional space. You can easily expand the existing steel structure, which is relatively more economical than creating an entirely new space.

Punjammetals.LLC is a leading construction industry base in UAE. We provide customized platform structure in a budget-friendly way. So, you can reach us for safe, strong, and durable platform structures of any size and design!



Handrails, also known as banisters, provide protection and support while climbing stairs. It is because stairs can be dangerous for children and older people if they’re without any support structure like a handrail. Moreover, they are also enhance interior decor and make the building’s interior more attractive.
The most common material for constructing railings is metal, steel, and wood. However, if you are looking for a well-recognized steel fabricator in UAE, reach out to Punjammetals.LLC. Our team of infrastructure structure designers is able enough to provide handrails of customized height and easy-to-grip layouts at economical rates.


Weigh Bridge

Weight Bridge is in use by transportation companies all around the world. These are typically used to determine the weight of products bought and sold in full loads, so they are an essential component of commercial transactions.

If you need Weight Bridge with sheet metal fabrication, contact Punjammetals.LLC. We design high-quality Weight Bridges of various weight limits, so you will easily get the one of your choice at economical rates.


Cat Ladder

A cat ladder is usually used to reach towers, barns, and roofs. This is like a steel ladder to work on a roof pitch. It comprises two parts; one is the hook that is present at one end, and at the other end are the load spreading pads. Thus, if a worker loses his grip, this cat ladder will help him to maintain his balance.

Are you looking for the best Cat Ladder manufacturers in Sharjah? Get in touch with Punjammetals.LLC. We design cat ladders mounted to the building’s exterior so you can easily use them for infrequent access. Moreover, we use strong and durable materials to ensure the cat ladder’s high maintenance.

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Frames are the structures that bring together steel columns and beams to provide support to internal fittings, ceilings, rooftops, and casing. These frames are long-lasting since they are made up of steady material.

If you are browsing steel fabrication near me, living in any corner of the UAE, you must stop it. It is because of Punjammetals.LLC provides numerous kinds of machining works in Sharjah. Our frame designers use the best quality material for manufacturing frames. Moreover, you will get frames in your favorite design at economical rates.



Walkways are one of the essential components of the landscape. These structures serve operational as well as aesthetical functions. They let you walk straight through your planted areas throughout the entire year without worrying about getting your shoes muddy or damp.

If you are looking for the best walkway manufacturers in UAE, reach out to the Punjammetals.LLC. We provide strong and aesthetically pleasing walkway structures for connecting different areas at affordable prices.


Green House

Green House is a structure to protect out-of-season plants from severe weather conditions. They are being developed on both small and large scales. For example, on a large scale, they play a significant role in botanical science and agriculture. In contrast, they are useful for home gardeners on a small scale.

If you need Green House of any size, contact Punjammetals.LLC. We proficiently design glass or plastic- outlined structures that suit best for growing flowers and producing fruits and vegetables under specific temperatures.



Stands are used to keep a person or a thing at an elevated level from a horizontal plane surface. They vary from lightweight camera stands to far-reaching industrial stands as per their needs.

If you need a lightweight equipment-keeping stand or a heavy-duty stand with steel structural works, reach out to the Punjammetals.LLC. We have a team of experienced steel fabricators who will also guide you with the best stand design according to your requirement.



Bollard is a small vertical post or a barrier to protect the periphery of a building. Several materials, including plastic, cement, metals, and even stones, are out to use to construct a good bollard post. However, most of the security-purpose bollards are made from steel.

If you are in UAE and browsing metal or steel fabrication near me, you should reach out to Punjammetals.LLC. Our metal engineers are competent and well-recognized as the best steel fabricators in the UAE. So, we will provide you with your required bollard structures with durable steel material at economical rates.

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Chain Link Fencing

Have you ever seen steel fencing around backyards, construction sites, detention homes, or even around government facilities? Such fencing is actually called chain link fencing.

The use of chain link fencing is prevailed due to the number of advantages that it offers. Like this fencing is highly durable, cost-effective, and ensures tight security. Moreover, chain link fencing is available in numerous designs and is repairable if damaged.

So, contact Punjammetals.LLC if you are searching for the best chain link fencing and steel structural works providers in Sharjah. We install your preferred design of steel fencing with strong and durable material for interlocking and wire-meshing.


Stair with rail

Stairs with rail are installed at homes and offices to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury for children and older people. They come in various designs with multiple material choices, so people can easily choose the one according to their needs.

If you also need stairs with rails but are looking for one who can provide you with your favorite rails design at an economical rate, contact Punjammetals.LLC. We are providing the best machining works in Sharjah in a budget-friendly way. Moreover, you will find our designed rails structure strong, highly resilient, and corrosion-free.



A trolley is widely used to transport any load from one place to another since they are easy to use even when the space is limited. Moreover, they are also helpful for physical health as they reduce fatigue and increase the productivity of the users.

If you are thinking of increasing trolley collection at your shopping center or in the industry for shipping goods, reach out to the Punjammetals.LLC. It is a leading corporation providing stainless steel works in UAE. We design trolleys with high-quality materials in different sizes and designs at reasonable prices.


Spiral Stairs

A staircase is one of the elegant structures of the homes. However, sometimes traditional staircase designs don’t actually fit the home structure. Therefore, spiral stairs are used. They are comparatively more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, spiral stairs are also put in if space is limited, as there will be almost no disruption to your floor since they could be put through a hole in the floor plan.

If you are looking for an experienced constructor to install spiral stairs at your home or in the office area, choose Punjammetals.LLC. Our steel fabricators will provide you with your favorite spiral stair design within a specific deadline.


Trench Covers

Trench covers are a safe way to cover holes and other exposed pits. Consequently, they maintain access to domestic, pedestrian, and driveway usage. Moreover, they also keep the employees and visitors from tripping and falling on work sites.

If you are interested in getting a trench cover, contact Punjammetals.LLC. Our team of professionals will facilitate you in choosing the best shape and size of trench cover for your required area. Moreover, we will provide you with the best sheet metal fabrication, so you will not need to change covers again and again.


Roof Shed Structure

Roof Shed structures are the easiest way to add some space to the upper portion. The basic purpose of their installment is to protect people living in the building from severe weather conditions. They are easy to install and offer your home an aesthetically pleasing and modern look. Moreover, constructing roof shed structures is comparatively cheaper than any other kind of roof structure as these structures require little material.

If you are pondering upon adding a roof shed structure with steel metal fabrication to your home or office buildings, reach out to Punjammetals.LLC. We construct the roof shed structures by keeping in mind the design of your home. Moreover, we use high-quality material, so you people can enjoy its benefits for a longer period.


Weighing Scale Platform

Platform scales are used to measure the weight of goods. They are widely used in industries where the loading and shipping of goods take place on an extensive level. These scales provide accurate measurements in a couple of seconds. So, you will not have to reweigh a thing, ultimately saving you time.

If you are also thinking of purchasing a good weight scale with a steel platform, contact Punjammetals.LLC. We will provide you with a fast, efficient, and easy to handle Weight Scale Platform at reasonable rates. Moreover, you will be able to use our designed scale platform in almost any environmental setting.