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We offers superior quality for all shades which can be customized in different colors and designs. Such as Bottom Support, Cantilever Shades, Top Support Parking, Conical Car Parking shades, Pyramid Shade and Canopy.

Shade Structure Works

PVC, Fabric-HDPE and Aluminum

Car Parking Shade

The car parking shade protects cars from extreme weather conditions as they can damage their paint. Moreover, the hot weather may also cause high energy consumption by raising the vehicle’s inside temperature. So, having a car parking shade can benefit you in the long run!

If you are looking for the top-rated car parking shade designers in Sharjah, UAE, choose us. We have years of experience designing various kinds of strong, long-lasting, UV Resistant, and aesthetically appealing shade structures with PVC, Fabric-HDPE, and Aluminum. Additionally, our experts also facilitate customers in choosing the right color and shape for the car parking shade.

Children’s Playground Shade

The sun’s rays affect children’s health by increasing their exposure to UV rays as they impact the surface of vehicles. Applying sunscreen to protect children from that harmful rays is a good option, but it is not enough. A children’s playground shade over the play area is best to have a more protected place and more enjoyable experiences.

If you are looking for the best shade structure suppliers in UAE, choose Punjammetals.LLC. We provide PVC, Fabric-HDPE, and Aluminum based playground shade structures with a bright colored and distinctive shapes. Moreover, you will find our steel structural works and shade structures safe, long-lasting, and visually appealing to visitors.

School Play Area

The school play area plays an important role in children’s physical fitness. However, an open play area may expose them to either rain or the blazing sun. Consequently, such conditions negatively impact children’s health. So, to avoid such inconveniences, many school administrators are now considering constructing a shade structure over the play area.

Keeping in mind the need and significance, we are also trying to provide you with the best play area shades with PVC, Fabric-HDPE, and Aluminum. If you are looking for the best stainless steel works in Sharjah for a high-quality, strong, and durable shade structure, get in touch with us. Our variety of shade structures, along with their shapes and appealing hues, will satisfy you!


People of every age often visit parks for recreational activities. However, when these people stay outside longer without any safety measures, they are at risk of heat burn and other skin damage issues. Such kind of trouble can be prevented if park administrators construct shelter places in the parks.

That’s why shades in parks are highly admired. However, they are not restricted to a single structure or shape. Contact us if you want a strong, well-covered, cool, and comfortable shade area in your park. We are the best steel fabricators in UAE, and we manufacture a variety of shade structures with PVC, Fabric-HDPE, and Aluminum in the best way.

Community Outdoor Area

Outdoor community areas are of great importance. They enable people to spend more time outside in a natural environment with families. However, an open space can cause people’s health at risk. Therefore, such places are made safe by constructing shades at these places. The shades will protect visitors from harmful sun rays and rain.

Likewise, they will also increase the lifespan of those places’ equipment as UV from the sunlight fades the color of the outdoor equipment over time. You can contact us if you want a PVC, Fabric-HDPE, or Aluminum-based shade in your community area. We provide aesthetically pleasing and well-structured community outdoor area shades with budget-friendly deals.

Aquatic Facilities

People enjoy aquatic crafts more in the hot weather. Therefore, many community administrators have designed aquatic facilities like resorts and swimming pools for private and public purposes. These aquatic crafts should be covered with shades to have a cool and comfortable environment as well as to block the UV rays so that people’s health can’t be at risk.

We provide the best shade structures with sheet metal fabrication in UAE. So, you can reach us if you are hunting for the best shade manufacturer at aquatic places. Our team of competent designers is proficient in making shade structures with PVC, Fabric-HDPE, or Aluminum.

Athletic Facilities

Shades at athletic places are installed to protect athletes and fans from severe weather conditions. These shade structures protect the spectators from harmful sun rays. In addition, they also reduce the fatigue of fans; thus, they stay longer, which results in more sales.

Don’t panic if you haven’t yet found the best shade structure suppliers in UAE. You can reach us for PVC, Fabric-HDPE, or Aluminum-made durable and strong shade structures. Our competent designers proficiently create custom and standardized shades that fit nicely to the design aesthetic or theme of your athletic facility or stadium.