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Waste Water Treatment Plant

We offer a range of services in the water treatment sector, such as the fabrication of Aeration, MBR, and DAF Tanks. Also we can provide Membrane platform with handrail and ladder.

Water Treatment Plant Unit

  1. Different types of tanks  Wastewater treatment is essential as water pollution is increasing tremendously, raising many health concerns. It eliminates a significant amount of suspended pollutants before the sewage is released into the environment.Punjammetals is a leading Corporation to provide wastewater treatment plants. Our steel structural works are highly recognized around UAE. We manufacture different types of tanks that are part of the wastewater treatment plants for smooth working. So, if you want any kind of tank, come in touch with us!
    1. Aeration One of the several tanks in wastewater treatment plants is the Aeration tank. It intends to mix air in the wastewater in an oxygen-rich setting. Consequently, the rate of biological potency increases. Without this tank, microorganisms like bacteria will not be able to get into the wastewater treatment plant, and the breakdown of organic substances will not be executed.If you are looking for the best metal tanks in UAE, Punjam metals. LLC can provide its services for you. We design aeration tanks with the best material at a low price that facilitates microbial growth and smoothens the wastewater treatment process.
    2. MBR Membrane Bioreactors are abbreviated as MBR. It is a system in the wastewater treatment plant that combines a biological process, specifically a suspended growth bioreactor, with a membrane filtration like microfiltration or ultrafiltration to separate liquids from solids physically.Ultimately, this process provides comparatively good quality disinfected effluent with no bacterial growth and higher automation capabilities.If you are in search of steel platforms to have high-quality MBR tanks, choose Punjammetals.LLC. It is an ISO-certified company, having decades of experience in providing wastewater treatment plants at economical rates.
    3. DAF Dissolved Air Floatation, DAF, is a process that filters wastewater to remove suspended matter by mixing air under appropriate pressure. After that, the air is released in the floatation tank basin at atmospheric pressure.The released air creates tiny bubbles that cohere to the suspended particles, enabling them to float to the water’s surface, where they can be scraped off using a machine.Punjammetals.LLC is a well-known Corporation for providing steel structural works. To get well-designed DAF tanks, get in touch with us. We assure tank durability by using high-quality materials when developing tanks for wastewater treatment plants.
    4. Anoxic One of the unit processes in wastewater treatment plants is the Anoxic tank. This tank intends to perform denitrification, i.e., converting Nitrate molecules into Nitrogen gas. Simply injecting bacteria into a wastewater treatment plant does not ensure that denitrification will occur as expected.So, it is crucial to first create an anoxic environment before introducing a mixer that has been specially developed for the procedure to promote their growth. To get the best Anoxic tanks, contact Punjammetals.LLC. This is a certified company that provides technical and machining works in Sharjah. We design different types of tanks as per your preferences.
  2. Drum screen support structure, trash bin/chute A drum screen support structure and trash bin are used to treat wastewater. When wastewater enters the drum, a deflector evenly distributes it. Drum screens have a tiny footprint and can adjust high flow rates.The Trash/Chute system offers a simple and practical way to collect garbage from chutes in multi-story buildings. It is the most effective approach to gathering trash from different building areas in one place.Contact us if you are looking for stainless steel works or any other kind of drum screen support structure, trash bin/chute. We proficiently design user-friendly linked systems for the wastewater treatment plant at economical rates.
  3. Walkway structure Platform for tanks People use steel grating as a platform and pathway rather than concrete terraces in wastewater treatment plants to go around barriers or cross wastewater areas. It is due to the reason that steel walkway structures are easy to install in tanks as well, as they are removable. Moreover, such walkway structures have high strength and are highly resistant to corrosion.If you want steel structural works, get in touch with Punjammetals.LLC. We construct high-quality walkaway steel platforms for tanks. All these structures have a high bearing force and are anti-skid.
  4. Access ladder Steel ladders are designed to enjoy permanent access to different systems of the wastewater treatment plant. These access ladders are a permanent and secure alternative to metal ladders.If you need a steel Access Ladder of any size, height, or width, come into contact with Punjammetals.LLC. This is a certified manufacturing industry in UAE that has been providing its services for decades at economical rates.
  5. MBR cleaning skid  To separate tanks from other machinery, skids are put to use. In Membrane Bioreactors, cleaning skids are present. It is because membranes eventually become grubby and clogged with various kinds of colloidal, organic, inorganic, and biological contaminants. All such impurities necessitate cleaning.So, if you want MBR cleaning skids with sheet metal fabrication at reasonable rates, reach out to Punjammetals.LLC. Our engineers manufacture MBR cleaning skids with the best-quality material for their longer life span.
  6. EQ Blower skid & sludge blower skid A skid is a structure that contains major equipment of the system, and that of the blower provides aeration to stimulate aerobic breakdown. EQ Blower Skid & Sludge Blower Skid both work together to regulate variations in wastewater and deliver a constant rate of flow and impurities to the treatment process.Overall, they maintain materials suspended in waterways and aerated grit chambers, which is crucial for a healthy environment. If you want a strong, steady, durable EQ Blower Skid & Sludge Blower Skid, keep in touch with Punjam metals. LLC.
  7. Skid for MBR blower For each local and industrial setting, skids for MBR blowers are made in the wastewater treatment plant. If you need skids for an MBR blower with metal fabrication and the best air quality, reach out to Punjam metals. LLC. This is a leading industry providing machining works in Sharjah. We will provide you with low-budget skids with high performance.
  8. Supporting stand  Supporting tanks are put in use to attach pipes to the floors. As a result, they play a role in controlling contraction and thermal expansion. Moreover, they are also operated for irregular tank floors as well as for other tanks with various channel velocities.To get strong and high-quality supporting stands, contact Punjammetals.LLC. This is a certified company providing machining works in Sharjah. We made steel ladders along with cost-effectively supporting stands.